I’m a stay at home mother of three, living in the worlds of teenagers and toddlers. With a good sense of humor and an M.Ed. in Counseling that I’ve only used on my children, I’m navigating the 10- and 8- year age gap between my two older kids and the “baby.” So, I awkwardly face puberty and potty training, and the toddler knows way more than he should. At least that makes one of us.

A blog about the miracle and the mundane of everyday life.

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Day 10: When my dog is stressed in general, he sneezes. When my husband is stressed about COVID-19, he yells, “Did you cover your mouth?”

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Day 8 (I think): My husband said to me last night with a long, deep sigh: Can you believe it’s only Tuesday? Well, now it’s

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Day 4: Happy Friday! We made it through the first week. Sadly, I wrote these words yesterday, thinking it was Friday. Sometime during our 46th

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Day 2: Morning. It’s raining. So now the dog smells, prompting the question from my 16 year old, “Imagine how bad wolves in the wild

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Day 1: Virtual homeschooling for our grammar school starts tomorrow; today was an organizational day. Unlike my peers, I did not get organized. If you

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Generally speaking, I am not a good long-term planner -- I need specific and short-term goals. Which is probably why I found myself starting to

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