Day 4:
Happy Friday! We made it through the first week. Sadly, I wrote these words yesterday, thinking it was Friday. Sometime during our 46th game of Clue, I realized it was only Thursday. Also realized that I hate the game Clue.

Virtual schooling was a real-life rollercoaster. One high schooler’s portal kept crashing, prompting soothing emails from administrators, trying to calm the panic this caused among the students. The student in my house was nonplussed. So, naturally, I panicked.

Second grader and I spent a large part of the week bickering. Directions had to be repeatedly explained…to me. Does anyone understand what scooping letters means? Our lessons started to look a lot like David and Moira Rose cooking together, just without the fab accessories.

Ran out of aluminum foil. I don’t use aluminum foil that often. Nonetheless, I felt a wave of dread. Also ran out of paper napkins. More dread. There are limits to everything. Tin foil, paper products, my patience.

Played another game of Clue. Offered to be the victim so I could lay on the floor.

Started deleting emails off of my AOL account. Yes, I still have an AOL account. It had 18,563 emails in it. Spent an unreasonable amount of time deleting and unsubscribing. Got it down to 7,436. Satisfying and futile. Productive and unproductive. Took a break to unload and reload the dishwasher. Starting to notice a lot of patterns in my life.

Noticed that even the dog is social distancing.

Equinox: today’s word of the day from our grammar school’s “Morning Announcements” email. The equinox is one of two days a year where day is nearly equal to night. Yesterday was the spring equinox. Trying to find the balance in that, while I unload the dishwasher again.


  • Sarah Murphy

    Love this!!

  • Phyllis Provenzano

    Funny as usual, Jen!


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