Act I, sc i Me: Ok, let's get you dressed, so we can run out to the fish store. 4 year old: Which fish store? Me: The dinner fish store, where we can get dinner. 4 year old: Oh, so the dead fish store. End scene. When we were house hunting, one of the things that attracted me to the neighborhood where we now live was a pond around the corner from our house. Week

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Act I, sc i   14 year old: Mom, look at these hairstyles. All these girls dyed their hair gray. Me: It's crazy but it looks so cool. I love that picture of Rihanna with gray hair. 14 year old:  You should dye your hair gray. It would look awesome. Me: (shaking head, mumbling under breath) You have no idea what it's like being 41, do you? End scene. I used to be a redhead. I say

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Act I, sc i Me: We’re going to be late for school, it’s time to clean up. 4 year old: I’ll help you clean up because it’s my mess too. Me: Actually, it’s all your mess. 4 year old: How about I play music while you clean up? End scene. I think every mother sometimes feels like she has multiple personalities -- the nurturer and the enforcer, the woman who cannot wait until bedtime and

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This past Mother’s Day left me a little singed around the edges, like one of those middle school history projects where a student burns the edges of an “historic” document to make it look more significant and old. For a few days after, I felt a little prickly and, if I’m being totally honest, let down. I had no business feeling this way. I am one of the lucky ones who, in my forties, has