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I miss the supermarket. I miss the bins of fresh produce, the shelves of bread, the luxury of knowing that, if we need something else,


Day 21 or 22. What does it matter? I’ve started walking in the mornings before the kids wake up. I notice a lot of people

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Day 10: When my dog is stressed in general, he sneezes. When my husband is stressed about COVID-19, he yells, “Did you cover your mouth?”

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Day 8 (I think): My husband said to me last night with a long, deep sigh: Can you believe it’s only Tuesday? Well, now it’s

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Day 4: Happy Friday! We made it through the first week. Sadly, I wrote these words yesterday, thinking it was Friday. Sometime during our 46th

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Day 2: Morning. It’s raining. So now the dog smells, prompting the question from my 16 year old, “Imagine how bad wolves in the wild

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