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Generally speaking, I am not a good long-term planner -- I need specific and short-term goals. Which is probably why I found myself starting to

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For spring break this year, as other families posted Instagram pictures from sunny locations, my daughter and I packed the car and headed out on

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The thing with having kids ten years apart is that you remember just enough of each phase to accept that almost all behaviors fall within

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My Christmas tree is at the curb. My fridge is full of hearty greens and non-dairy milks. I’m eyeing the exercise bike with renewed interest

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I’ve been thinking a lot about writing lately — which is to say, doing a lot more thinking than writing. I’ve started teaching again, mostly

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My dog got sheared last week. A “summer cut” we call it, to explain away his white shag. The pointy merengue curls are gone, shaved

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