Last Saturday afternoon, after much hype, my youngest son attended a friend’s 5th birthday party. It was a karate party and the children on the mat, all darting legs, arms and earnestness were adorable to watch. My son, who had been looking forward to the party all week, had become convinced that he would emerge from the hour a full-fledged ninja. He had spent the days leading up to the party slinking around the family


Act I, sc i Me: (trying to distract him) OOH, is it snowing yet? 4 yo: (mumbles) I don't know. Me: (pointing to the window) Maybe you should check... 4 yo: I can't. I don't have an iPhone. end scene. If in the last week we’ve run into you at school, in the supermarket, at the playground, in church -- or if you simply live within a two state radius of New Jersey -- then I’m sure you have heard: my

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Act I, sc i 12 year old: (looking at cell phone) I'm following you on Instagram now. Me: I know. I saw that you "liked" my picture. Did you read my post? 12 year old: I don't understand it. Why would you post that? Why do you use those hashtags? I don't think you know how to use Instagram. Me: (picking up laundry basket) I'm confused. If you don't like my post, why would you "like" it? 12 year old: Because you're my mom. End scene. There is finally a