If it’s August and you bring a mother to a supermarket, she's going to have a few kids with her. Even though her children usually hate food shopping, tagging along interests them more than summer reading, so they'll be strangely excited to go. She'll have a list, that she'll forget at home, but she’ll think she can remember everything -- it isn’t that long. Cereal, soap, canned tomatoes, grated cheese, olive oil (how did she


Summer is unofficially upon us. My preschooler is done with school and pining to go back. My high-schooler is in the midst of finals and whining to get out. But, before we get any further into the season, I should apologize now. I spent the summers from my sophomore year of high school through my junior year of college lifeguarding at a pool club, which is the best summer job ever if you love wearing