Act I, sc i Me: (trying to distract him) OOH, is it snowing yet? 4 yo: (mumbles) I don't know. Me: (pointing to the window) Maybe you should check... 4 yo: I can't. I don't have an iPhone. end scene. If in the last week we’ve run into you at school, in the supermarket, at the playground, in church -- or if you simply live within a two state radius of New Jersey -- then I’m sure you have heard: my

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Act I, sc i 4 yo: Mom, can you help me write a letter to my friend? Me: Sure, sweetheart. 4 yo: I want to say 'I love you. I hope you had fun on your birthday.' Me: (feeling proud) Oh, that's a very nice thing to say to your friend. 4 yo: Can you draw a stamp so we can mail it? Me: Of course! Good thinking. 4 yo: And, on the front, draw

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